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What are the benefits of a Web site?
  • Reduce time spent by physicians through effective use of patient education.
  • Decrease staff time on the phone answering repetitive questions by having the information on your Web site.
  • Increase physician efficiency and effectiveness by using electronic communication tools.
How do I get started in building my Web site?

You can either call us at 949.292.8719 and we will walk you through the process or you can fill out the online form under "create/edit your web site." It's that easy.

What if I already have a Web site?

We can host and maintain your Web site for a minimal monthly charge. Any changes you want to make are just a click away!

How do I send you my logo and pictures?

There are two ways to send your logo and pictures:
  1. If you or your printer has your logo and pictures on file, you can send it as an email attachment in a gif, psd, ai, or jpg format.
  2. You can mail a camera ready art logo or photographs to us. (No letterheads or print-outs, please!)
What is a domain name? Why should I have my own?

A domain name is the address or “URL” of a particular Web site. This is how you describe the name that is to the right of the @ sign in an Internet address.

This is perhaps one of the most important aspects of your site. Your Web site name should be one that will identify your practice in the minds of your patients. It is important that your patients don’t become confused about this; your Web site should be yours and yours alone. You have worked hard to establish your brand, so it is important to emphasize it.

What is a link?

A link is simply a connection. A link connects one spot on a Web page with another place on the same page. Or it can point to another page in the same Web site or to a completely different Web site.

What is a search engine?

A search engine is just another computer (or several of them) that catalogs the millions of Web pages that exist out there on those thousands of other computers. It helps you find a list of Web pages that have words on them that you have typed into the “search box”. Sometimes the list can be overwhelmingly long. If you know the business name or Web address you’re looking for, your search will be much easier.
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