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Is microfracture a "cure" for osteoarthritis?

No, microfracture is a technique to help form a new surface to cover chondral defects. If successful, it minimizes pain and swelling, and helps the joint function more normally.

Is the new tissue that forms after the microfracture identical to the original articular cartilage?

No, the new tissue is a "hybrid" of articular-like cartilage plus fibrocartilage. Experience shows that this hybrid repair tissue is durable and functions similarly to articular cartilage.

Can microfracture be used in joints other than the knee?

Yes, there are reports of microfracture being used in the shoulder, the hip, and the ankle. The long-term effectiveness of the technique in these other joints is unknown. This is because there are no long-term studies available similar to those that have been done to evaluate the procedure in the knee.



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